I attended my first but the YMCA’s 51st annual Good Friday Breakfast this morning.  The program was moving and impactful as our speaker was a young man who was a very successful running back in the NFL for many years who has established a charity that helps single parents in acquiring their first homes by supplementing the required $5000.00  down payment and supplying furnishings and in some cases food need to get started in the new home. It has been very rewarding for him and for the 132 families he has helped thus far.

This young man who was raised by his mother and had an absentee father,  lost his own mother when he was 18 years old and had five younger siblings. His life changed completely in an instant, and although her went on to play college football, his college experience was certainly atypical as he helped his grandmother raise his five siblings from afar. He had a tough road to traverse and he has never forgotten those who helped him along the way.

Today, in addition to the charity mentioned above, he also has a mobile bereavement counseling charity designed to help kids ages 5 to 18 in processing their grief in the event of the loss of a loved one. Working through his own grief with a counselor had helped him so much and he wanted to give back.

Life changing breakfast this morning…