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A recruiting professional with more than three decades of experience, Gwendolyn Hix has been the vice president of Pathfinders Inc. in Atlanta since 1997. In her free time, Gwendolyn Hix is an avid runner and a member of the Chattahoochee Road Runners (CRR).

Founded in 1983, CRR is a social running club, based in Atlanta, that offers a number of opportunities for runners to meet, socialize, and run with one another while promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The club, which consists of runners of all ages and ability levels, provides members with a range of activities, including monthly meetings and special running events held throughout the year.

Each Saturday, CRR holds supported training runs for its members at various locations throughout Atlanta through its Go the Distance program. The program is designed to help CRR members train for long-distance runs but is also open to individuals who simply want to run with other people. Participating runners are provided with maps and regular fluid stops, and each runner is invited to run a distance that most suits his or her individual ability and fitness level. Most Go the Distance runs are typically no more than 20 miles in length.