Last week I was in Nashville for the fourth time and for the first time saw something very special about it. I visited a friend in her beautiful new/historic home and was able to enjoy experiencing the town through her eyes.

We went to Whiskey Kitchen for drinks (whiskey) and I was surprised to find that the “New Fashioned” on their menu tastes a lot like a Manhattan from my college years. The atmosphere was young and fresh and sitting outside was wonderful as the sun was setting and the temperature perfect. I was even able to enjoy drinking whiskey!

We then walked across the street to Virago, a restaurant nothing short of fabulous! Sitting on the rooftop on a perfect night looking out over the skyline, didn’t hurt the experience, but the food completely held its own. We had the steak strips which we dipped in olive oil and then cooked on a small stone ¬†(7 seconds on each side) and then dipped in one of three sauces – YUM! We then tried the steamed brussels sprouts in swiss cheese sauce and the spicy tuna served on crispy fried rice. It was a memorable meal to say the least. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I think I was surprised to find such a sophisticated spot in Nashville and I definitely plan to return. The Nashville bug as officially bitten me!